Behaviour Consultations for Dogs

Who are behavioural consultations for?

Behavioural consultations are for anyone experiencing issues with their dog.

Some behavioural issues we can help with are:

  • Separation anxiety
  • House soiling
  • Veterinary stress
  • Noise sensitivities
  • Situational sensitivities
  • Aggression towards humans or other animals
  • Repetitive behaviours

We can also help with more common management issues such as:

  • Lead pulling
  • Poor recall
  • Reactivity issues (jumping up, barking, overexcitability)
  • Inappropriate play behaviour (being too rough with children or other pets etc)
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Stealing (taking items that don't belong to them)
  • Digging
  • Attention seeking
  • Roaming (leaving your property/garden without you)
  • Predatory behaviour (chasing other animals/cars/bikes/runners etc)
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