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Dan Lowell – Animal Trainer & Behaviourist

Dan is an MSc graduate in Animal Behaviour and Training, with an initial background and education in animal welfare. Initially, Dan's interest was in companion animal health and welfare; however, he became hooked on learning about animal behaviour during his first year of study and moved on to working on animal behavioural studies and then training animals.

His experience includes working with the RSPCA carrying out animal behavioural assessments and training dogs with behavioural issues to rehome them as gentle, caring pets.

Dan has also worked in zoo environments and private collections, training a range of exotic and wild animals to help keepers and veterinarians carry out vital tasks such as health checks.

Dan has had dogs throughout his life, developing a deep bond with his first rescue dogs until their golden years. Now, Dan enjoys a busy life with his partner and their 11 pets – cats, rabbits,chinchillas, and two relatively new additions, puppies huntaway/border collie Reacher and border collie Willow!

Despite having his hands full, Dan founded Wiser Whiskers to impart his extensive experience and knowledge to other pet owners. His goal is to help them nurture better relationships with their pets and encourage ethical training tactics that aid a brighter, happier, and wiser family companion.

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